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TURKEY: Lawyer, Esma YURT

  Lawyer, Esma YURT (Turkey) Which projects/works you have participated in the field of human rights? Actually, we start working on Human Rights since our birth, because our mother's struggle to give birth to us or to feed us and giving us her love is actually counted Human Rights. If I need to specify my answer with projects; when I was a student at İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University I was the founder of İZÜ ÖĞRENCİ TOPLULUĞU. (İZÜ STUDENT SOCIETY). We started to support the village and medium schools in the Southeast for education together with friends from different faculties. By preparing gifts such as boots, coats, scarves, berets, eld, school bag, stationery set, the 4-person Team from Istanbul communicated with the university students in the Southeast region and went to the schools to make activities and professional promotion by establishing a team of 30 people. We carried out joint projects by combining vehicles and manpower at the university in the region, taking w


  ITALIAN HUMAN RIGHTS FIGHTERS: MARCO CAPPATO Marco Cappato, 49, member of the "Luca Coscioni" association.   Its commitment to human rights focuses in particular on the rights of the untreated or terminally ill. Over the last few years he has been the protagonist of numerous battles in favor of the freedom of choice of assisted suicide by sick people, without the possibility of healing and in the throes of intolerable suffering. This battle also included civil disobedience consisting in accompanying several people who had applied for assisted suicide to Switzerland. Marco Cappato practices non-violent struggle.