Agnes Daroczi is a Hungarian human rights defender and Director of the Romano Instituto Foundation.

Agnes Daroczi, born in Berettyóújfalu/Hungary in 1954, has been fighting for Roma rights ever since she was 17. As a journalist and scientific researcher of minority issues, she fights for the equality of Roma in Hungary and in Europe. She initiated the first Roma art exhibition and publishes on the persecution and murder of Hungarian Roma during the Second World War.

The Romano Instituto Foundation was established in 2010 in order to urge on the creation of the Roma institutions missing to this day, to promote mutual acceptance and the inclusion of the Roma with the instruments of science, research and public discussion.

Agnes has worked for decades to defend the rights of the Roma community in Hungary, engaging in activities from supporting Roma victims of right-wing violence to working to establish Roma cultural institutions and documenting and archiving the history of the Roma people, including the extent of the decimation of the community at the hands of the Nazis during World War II.

Daroczi's mayor field of research is the Roma Holocaust and she is committed to establish its narrative that would provide a legitimate platform upon which Roma could gain voice and demand a legitimate position in European history. She works as an activist. She reflects upon current issues concerning racism, the presence of extreme right wing, poverty.